L-A-D Foundation 2010 Grant Recipients

Bonebrake Center of Nature and History

Continuing support of the Ozark Kids' Connection program and outreach projects for schools and community groups.

Sierra Club ? Eastern Missouri Group ? St. Louis, MO

Support for a campaign to build and maintain new trails throughout the state, including the Current River Trail.

Tumbling Creek Cave Foundation ? Protem, Missouri

Support for an array of exhibits, programs, and displays for Ozark visitors.

Springfield Plateau Grotto

Funds to develop and print the educational booklet, Caring for Your Karst.

Tumbling Creek Cave Foundation

Improving groundwater quality within the Tumbling Creek recharge area by cleaning unregulated dumps on private lands and providing land management education to landowners.

The Nature Conservancy

Identify, prioritize and create a digitized database of important woodlands within the Current River Watershed.

Watershed Committee of the Ozarks

Assistance in the construction of a sustainable forestry learning station.